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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  February 14, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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the maritime provinces. we will be here in the afternoon. here is our timeline. we may stayed below or above freezing. light impact. that's only more snow to deal with the father and north you go from town. >> all right. have more than 12 inches of snow at home to deal with eerie the shoveling out begins. -- with. to be shoveling out begins. people pitching in to help people get out of the snow. brad bell is live in damascus. one of the areas been hardest hit. >> we came to damascus. this place had the highest snow total. there has been so much melting today. it has been so born. we do not have anything close to that on the ground. piles are all over parking lots. people are having difficulties with close calls in the labor
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had -- in the neighborhood parking lot. street, almostn dry pavement. it has taken a lot of work and some big equipment. >> row stanley owns about the still pile --baddest no power around. when he heard about in unplowed street, helping out his neighbors was no problem. >> how sweet of him. that is just so good. >> there is a lot neighbor helping neighbor. nearly two feet fell by midmorning yesterday. bowman's neighbors came to her rescue twice. >> we were in the driveway last night. this morning it was like a four foot wall of snow. >> i live by myself.
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no power outages this time. this amount of snow is stressed enough. most businesses close yesterday. they are scrambling to clear lots and get open today. >> mike and his pile are getting a workout. keep going to get this done. >> they are in demand. there is no way that she was going anywhere. >> i am very happy. her neighbor is still behind a driveway. in damascus, brad bell. more on the breaking news we told you about a few weeks ago.
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a child has been shot in southeast washington. it happened on valley avenue. richard is live with the breaking details. scene herery active at valley avenue where police are investigating the shooting of an eight-year-old girl. 3:00 thisd just after afternoon. i believe we have some video. people can tell me if we have video from the scene. this happens on valley avenue. we are told by family members and police that the eight-year-old grow was leaving heraunt's house, going to house inside this large shotsent complex when rang out. perhaps only one. we do not know how many were fires. police were indicating there was one shooter. family members tell us the girl was struck up year in the shoulder and she is now in surgery at children's hospital. we do have some sound from the young girl's grandmother.
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>> she was out in this area. >> she was going to her house. she was leaving from one building to another building to go home. the guys were out here shooting at someone and the bullet happened to hit her. they ran. the girl is in critical condition. this is a very sensitive issue in this neighborhood. these gates you see behind me, these are security gate put up specifically because of a number of shootings in the neighborhood . family members are asking some hard questions why the shootings continue. at this point we have a young eight-year-old grow now in critical condition. >> all right. thank you. stay on top of the story. we will bring you any updates. now we get back to our rather coverage -- to our weather coverage. another challenge they had to
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face was icy walking conditions. we have our lives team watch coverage. >> this morning an awful lot of sidewalks looked a lot like this. packed down snow and ice making very slick, very treacherous walking conditions. and steady on this stretch of wisconsin avenue today. the sidewalk a mix of ice, snow, and slush. some were inching along. some sites use were completely covered. >> some have not been cleared yet. it has been a tough one. slick.'re pretty icy and >> others abandoned the sidewalk altogether, figuring it was safer to share the road with cars. >> i do not want to hold on. >> the rows are in pretty good shape here it they can be clear or they can be a sheet of ice.
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it is not even clear where the sidewalk is or the road is. >> there was plenty of sidewalk clearing going on. slow, backbreaking work but someone has to do it. joshua is out shoveling but not at his own home. he is one of dozens of volunteers working with serve d.c. to dig out the homes of seniors. about 175 so far. >> it is a beautiful day. people need help. i've the guy next to size in a while. people cannot do it themselves. a this is the first time volunteer has come to this door to shovel snow. see after a day of melting, a lot of the sidewalks in the city look ritchie good. there are still some very -- look pretty good.
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there are still some very slick spots. the district does require residents and businesses to clear the sidewalks within eight stoppingthe storm will that storm stopping. if it is not happening in front of your home, you should get on that. tonight i will tell you, watch where you walk. there are still some slick spots. chris van cleve. >> some slick spots, say that three times fast. erling officials are warning travelers to check for delays and cancellations in advance. while there are no major delays at reagan national or dwi, it is a different story at dulles. there is at least an hour delay for some slight severe. >> you are not alone in and during this latest winter storm. snow and ice creaked a dangerous conditions up and down the east coast. what people to our north and
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south are doing now. >> we are not alone. thousands are still without power. this had a nasty impact. look no further than just outside philadelphia. >> a turnpike was a mangled mess for miles. she's right behind me. she did not stop in time. she went to the back of me. this injured at least 30 drivers. >> i am very fortunate. a lot of the people around me are fortunate. >> at the same time, there are some people much more serious with injuries. >> the series of chain reaction crashes happened hours after the storm that blanketed much of the northeast. at least 25 people were killed in the latest round of nasty weather including two good samaritans. they were trying to help
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stranded drivers after an accident due to poor road conditions. the 21-year-old hit and run driver was later found and arrested. >> we're going to make sure .eople have salt >> roofs collapsed in new jersey. flight cancellations at logan airport were among an estimated 14,000 canceled nationwide this week alone. >> i am frustrated. i guess everybody else's. >> we all are. we were just talking about airport delays and canceled flights. since december first, with all of the storms in bad weather that we have seen across the country, an estimated 75,000 flights were canceled during that time, making it the highest number of cancellations in 25 years. that includes the days following. >> thank you so much. you have many different ways to
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stay connected to the abc 7 weather team. atnload our storm cap debbie doug will be back with a closer look at the weekend weather. a judge has sentenced a former deputy sheriff to three years in prison for having sex with an inmate. mcintyre will only spend a year behind bars and then have 18 months of supervised probation. consensual sex with a woman waiting to see the judge. it took place in a warehouse holding cell. the woman reported it to the corrections department set. investigators released the name of a woman killed in a fiery northwest d.c. she died when flames what are her homes early in the morning. it destroyed most of the rowhouse that firefighters kept it from spreading to other
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homes. >> a big decision that could act the commonwealth same-sex marriage ban. who is now weighing in on this controversial issue. when it comesnge to win your children should start using toothpaste. >> have you receiv
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whack seven is on years i do with a health alert. according to the american dental association, children should no longer wait until a child turned to to brush teeth with fluoride tooth days. they what they meant -- they peammend they move up to sized blocks at age three. a sense of concern about the 25% of american children who develop cavities before kindergarten. >> the storm has broken a few hearts. >> it has affected many people's valentine's day plans. it has not been a good business day for florists and restaurants. the tauscher joins us with the details. >> we have heard from many of you who say they are still
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waiting for their flowers to be delivered. it is all because of our weather. they're trying to get to you but this is what they're facing out there. strike one, the flat tire on the car. >> that is how this goes today. >> the still a left behind on the streets. dana williams is still going to spread the gift of love. had he been able to find everybody? >> a lot a people are home today because they are not at work or whatever. >> yesterday it through cupid for a loop. they ordered special deliveries but was schools closed and some people just stay at home, getting flowers to the right valentine is a bit challenging. she found kimberly in a second. they're also racing to keep up with rerouting demand.
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>> there have been changes back and forth. a little bit more than normal. >> reservations for the romantic dinner may be in jeopardy. mo reservations are still in good standing but cancellations could come tonight. >> happy valentine's day. >> we made a love connection. >> it is good that you were here. what if you miss them? >> i made him. if you cannot get that with your valentine, many restaurants are offering the same valentine specials tomorrow and sunday night as well. back to you. a littlest we have nicer weather today than yesterday. >> a big improvement with the sunshine. >> is that your valentine gift to us? >> absolutely. to readbe 60 next week
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let's get started here and take you to one of our camera location. this is that old delhi school. 42 the high. 42 the current temperature. we will see the snow melt right before our very eyes. temperatures are going to drop will make it to the 30's. you are not going to see bitterly cold air tomorrow night. is going to move mainly north and west of the metro area. a high it 53. 48 degrees in burke. 45 in gaithersburg. 50 at reagan international airport. 53 degrees in fredericksburg. during the evening hours, we will continue to see an increase in cloudiness. 30's in most areas overnight. turnrature starting to cold. the demarcation line is just
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ahead at this developing over kentucky. it is pulling down cold air on the backside. very mild temperatures. warning a winter storm i had at the river valley. it will push eastward. the suburbs are under a winter weather advisory. let's talk about the system. it is going to go south of washington. there is rain with it and snow. it will probably be rain. it will be north and west. up into pennsylvania and west virginia. of or two or three inches snow. once it moves off the coast, it looks like it will intensify rapidly. there are blizzard watches out. to be a big storm. the effect it will have on us as a little bit of snow and rain.
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want to three inches north and west. by tomorrow afternoon, we will get strong winds develop out of the northwest and temperatures start to fall. you will see a change in the wind. midnightshows by some snow developing off to the west. overnight we will start to see the track reflect the rain. rain to the south. a little mix through the morning hours. a little bit of light snow before it clears out. it will turn colder late tomorrow night. as far snowfall predictions, one model gets washington 7/10 of an inch in gaithersburg. you get the flavor. most of the action will be dark and west of the city. beyond our adventure, we will have a sunny afternoon tomorrow. it will be breezy and cold. sunny on monday. early on monday morning, there could be a few snow showers. very minor.
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by tuesday, we're pretty much in good shape. 40's, 50's, 60's. the 40's, 50's, 60's. anything near spring i am happy with. >> thank you. 2020 is all new. kate helen hunt who went to jail for having a sexual relationship with an under age girl at her high school. she's releaseds from jail and sent home with something that will be with her for the next three years. 2020 is on tonight followed by abc news at 11:00. >> coming up, see what happens when a courthouse gets to be the marriage venue for more than a dozen couples and closes because of the snow. >> what he thinks of this "robocop" remake.
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>> i'm sure they will be disappointed to hear that the money did i get with a thought it was going. >> an investigation into a string of embezzlement cases involving your donation to a local fire departments. >> a major discussion on gay marriage in the commonwealth of virginia. why some people believe├▒├▒
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>> a is stored change could be coming. >> a judge struck down virginia's gay marriage ban, calling it unconstitutional. jeff goldberg is live at our newsroom. he has a good look at what this says. >> we want to be leader. ahead and issue marriage licenses for same-sex couples as the decision is tending appeal. this now puts virginia on the list of states where voter approved bans on gay can now be decided in a court room. not long after the decision in norfolk, freddy's beach bar displayed a clear sign of approval. >> i thought it was a nice valentine's day present. >> the owner has been engaged to his partner with hopes of one day getting married believes this ruling is another step in america's journey toward legalizing gay marriage. when, not
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it is doubly going to happen. it is going to happen very soon. arenda right alan -- wright allen called it unconstitutional. >> a lot of americans still support marriage between a man and a one man and a woman. >> david christiansen believes a ban approved by voters in 2006 should not be reversed by one judge in 2014. >> we think it is judicial activism. it trumps the boat and millions of virginia's. >> mark herring made big news last month after refusing to uphold the ban in a suit fouled by a gay couple from norfolk and a list and couple from richmond.
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>> it is important for all virginians to note that the attorney general is following the law. pending then hold appeal to the u.s. court of ineals for the circuit richmond. a handful of states are in similar situations. the issue could end up back in the supreme court. jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. you have seen the aftermath. now look at the video as a kentucky sinkhole opens up. >> that is heartbreaking. the still almost caused some heartbreak. .ee who stepped in through,he clouds come all the still has to go somewhere. sometimes it is a big wall
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>> you're watching abc seven news at 5:00 on your side. >> there is a little more snow heading our way. >> doug is here, hard at work on another forecast here to >> it has been mostly clear outside the weather center. the clouds will be moving in shortly. developingisturbance over the kentucky/indiana
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border. it is going to blossom into a major storm once it gets off coast. first the clouds, then some rain and snow. already this is shaded in the purple color. of snow is ainches possibility. he see the participation -- precipitation begin after midnight. look at the temperatures. barely down to freezing. mostly a light snow in the early morning hearing less than an inch in the metro area. there will be more snow under advisories. snowfall some possibilities. less than an edge in the d.c. that show south. more coming up shortly. >> thank you so much. the big avenue parkway has reopened. the u.s. park service is blaming black ice and snow for shutting it down during the morning rush. the roadway was treated with ryan at the northern end might
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have ice over. different consistency in the brain was not as effective. >> in arlington, the snow piled up high and fast. with the slick side streets battle that is still underway. the tiles come through, pushing all the snow, it has to end up somewhere. we have seen these all over our area. it is not necessarily bigger. it is tinier. andian and her daughter laura all have one thing in common. they are all putting their backs to the test today. >> [indiscernible]
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my wife does not want to have to [indiscernible] >> while plows did a great job heclearing the street, it created a different kind of problem. likes i know they did that work at night. maybe they can push it on the underside were there is no cars. >> i would like to get one of the to out but i haven't decided which one. >> it cleared up the sidewalk again. >> at the height of the storm, even main roads were tougher travel. they could not keep up as residents and workers took their complaints to twitter. in fairness, it is the most know they have seen in four years. at this time lapse shows how quickly it piled up. keep up a patio cannot with the task where overnight it turned into something greek wiring extra elbow grease. some gave up trying to match
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mother nature. others are just patiently waiting on hold to take back what she so generously gave. >> we reached out to arlington county. he may have had some problems early on in the storm. still waiting to hear back. he took it well in stride and gave the county pretty good marks, we haven't seen still like this in quite some time. in arlington, abc 7 news. >> thank you. let's take a look at how the roads are looking for the communal tonight. the traffic sensor with more. >> it has been a lighter than thisl volume of rush hour afternoon. the cruise around are moving snow. in some cases it is blocking means to do that, usually on the right side and sometimes on the left. they were working in route to the end of the eastbound side.
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a little bit of volume there as well. pace is generally good today on 66. if you have a problem on the beltway in montgomery county, let's take a look. there is a crash well before river road. this is causing some pretty major delays out of tyson. this has been cleared. let's take a look at 395. it is getting to the landmarks. just a brief slowdown. i am at the traffic sensor, have a great weekend. >> couples who were scheduled to get married at the county courthouse of his valentine's day had an unexpected change of plans. the courthouse was closed today because of the storm. someone else stepped up to
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provide a new venue for them. suzanne kennedy has the story. >> they are weddings that almost didn't happen. >> do you take her for your lawful wife? likes i do. >> 17 couples or supposed to get married this valentines day at the courthouse. >> every single half-hour. >> the weather forced the building to be close in an alternate location was needed. >> we're never close. >> a quick trip to the store for andaylist of romantic songs the scene was set. >> you may kiss your bride. their heart set on getting married today. what, you're going to get married today.
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it really made my day. >> with family and friends from somend assistant helpless romantics. the couples were married. >> it is a good thing. >> the snow could not keep these husbands and wives from their happily ever after. >> charles county, abc 7 news. i didn't know you didn't like joe cocker. >> not for a wedding. >> coming up, and indoor soccer fields. how this will affect local games. >> the sci-fi classic "robocop" gets a reboot whether it needs it or not. >> details emerged about how edward snowden gained access to pacify documen
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reboot this gets a weekend. >> doesn't stand up to the original? >> thank you for your cooperation. >> joke and the men get turned
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into robocop thanks to a greedy corporation headed by michael keaton. looking for a well to -- a way to sell america on this. cophero begins as an honest loan to smithereens after discovering police corruption reborn with the help of gary oldman, a dr. frankenstein not sure he has done the right thing. pity the human spirit against computers and machines with a dash of revenge thrown in. detective murphy brings them down. >> do not let me forget single out jackson whose great fondness was pushing for robot police. >> it is a reboot but it looks good. it runs out of worth about 2.5 stars.
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>> have a nice weekend. i am arch campbell. abc 7 kevin durant -- abc 7 entertainment. >> the exact moment a sinkhole swallowed up some corvettes. >>
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>> there are fire departments often made up of neighbors and family members. >> some volunteer fire department have been rocked by cases of embezzlement. jeff goldberg takes a look at what is happening and why. along a quietlone road. the kind of building that might not attract much attention. the fire department is not getting noticed for all the wrong reasons. >> that is a shock. bill has donated 50 to $100 to the department each year for the past 35 years. he is surprised by last month's ,ndictment of kimberly strayer
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the one-time treasurer facing 15 counts of embezzling more than $50,000 from the department in 2012 and 2013. >> that is the devastating part of it. you give something thinking you are doing good. of employeeslatest accused or convicted of embezzling tens of thousands of dollars for personal gain. he was being investigated for embezzling nearly 500 hours and dollars for committing suicide nearly two years ago. treasured department jerry cromer pleaded guilty last year to embezzling nearly $650,000 over a 12 year time frame. >> oftentimes eat pig the wrong person to trust and put them -- oftentimes you pick the wrong person to trust and put them in charge of the books.
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>> it usually starts after the person realizes there's very little oversight. >> they're not being caught. they get more and more brazen. >> while the department raises money for things like equipment management, they also received county funding. counties typically conduct internal reviews of the departments but only once every few years. >> maybe when it first started it was the little i do not think it stuck out. >> sam myers is chief of the fire company where kelly leach served as bookkeeper for six years. she is now in jail after pleading guilty last fall for six counts of embezzling nearly $20,000 from the department. >> we were hurt. when someone betrays your trust, it is one of the worst things, especially volunteer fire company. >> some of the runs strong. guilty last year to embezzling a combined $120,000
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from the department from the start. this case was investigated by the fbi. >> it does not affect my view. it is just a couple of people who have gone bad. tasked independent auditors to take a fair review of the fire departments. the goal is to determine what specific changes, if any, need to be made to ensure cases like this do not happen again. jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. >> if you know of government waste in your community, e-mail us at >> classic car lovers you may want to cover your eyes. we have some surveillance video that shows the moment when a sinkhole swallowed eight corvettes at the national corvette easy and in kentucky -- museum in kentucky. ecb floor slowly drop away. the fire department says the
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whole is 30 feet wide and about 30 feet deep. look at that. with that the matchbox cars down there. officials used a drone to fly down there and get a closer look at the damage. it is down in the southwestern part of the state. it is a region with deep underground cages. the area is being blocked off. officials say they hope to have the building restored by the end of the summer. the good news is that chevrolet says it will restore them after they are removed from the scene: -- from the sinkhole. gordon peterson is live in the newsroom with a look ahead. >> and nine at 6:00 we have new information on the nsa leak. edward reveals how snowden gained access to classified documents.
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it contradicts what he had said previously about this. partsthe first couple of but it did not stop them from spreading the love on social media. we will hear what they have to say to each other had at 6:00. has been running the weather center as always. he has an update for some what is ahead. >> a very busy week. we have a disturbance moving through later tonight. this is from one of our hd cameras. a beautiful day. sunshine early on. there you see what happens. a higher angle of sunshine. the snow in the ground, they have had a lot. it'll stay there for a wild to come. maybe get a fresh little coating. 31 in hagerstown. 51 degrees in versions for. temperatures will drop a bit tonight.
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precipitation getting just a little bit after midnight. it is one of these deals that the farther north and west you are from the city, the more likely you are to see some rain. one to three inches. for the rest of us, we are not thinking much. this indicates a little brush of snow and rain. i will wind up your with a little map here. 9/10 of an issue into washington. that is the story. tomorrow, a little snow in the morning. partly sunny on sunday. chile is he going to president day. back to you. is chilly as we go into president day. back to you. >> we will not see this again. they headed down tobacco road to play for the final time as a
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member of the acc. this will be rocking tomorrow. relentless.e this has been an intense rivalry. he talks about how he valued the games higher than any other. it has been a history filled with the unexpected. he scored 31 points and cameron in a debut. knocking off this on senior night. making it a real little -- rivalry. these games have been played with incredible passion and real animosity. >> we know if this game means to maryland. what it represents to our fan base. challenge.tough we understand that. it always is when we play down there. they have really good players. it works out. it is another game in the
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scandal -- in the league schedule. >> v wells report has been released. 144 pages. it is a lot to get through. it demonstrates the depth of the harassment. the dolphins are doing their own report. while this is not legally binding in terms of pattern and vicious sexual taunts about martin, his sister, his mother, the report says john jerry and my and another -- and mike and an assistant trainer exchange over 1000 texts in the year and the teasing and vulgarity went both ways. out of the documents were used to shape this report including text messages and more than 100 personal interviews. it concluded that martin's teammate to not intended to drive him for the team -- from
5:53 pm
the team our cause and lasting emotional stress. it did. it happened. it is continuing to be investigated. another big shoe will drop from the commission. >> it anything in that report surprise you? >> absolutely not.
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>> the weight of the snow from the storm is hard on homes and businesses. blamed for ang recreational center in arlington. it houses indoor soccer games for the whole county. the crews went out there to fix the damage. the partial collapse happened in the corner of the field, denting posts, tearing holes, knocking down a goal. fortunately, the hundreds of children's and adults who use the bubble were not in it when it happens. >> oh my gosh. if i was there.
5:57 pm
>> they have play close to 100 games in here. coached by their father who wishes arlington county have more than one indoor soccer field here at >> they need another to at least. every time -- they need another two at least. every time i'm here it is packed. >> we're talking seven feet of snow. not so great when all of the weight is sitting on top of the bubble made of nylon and clock. the last time in nearly burst was snow mcgavin -- snowmageddon four years ago. wednesday closed off night injuring no one was in or around it. >> you never know what is going to happen. come inside the
5:58 pm
facilities. that would have been horrible. i do not think it has an open open. >> knowing it is -- county, abc seven news. >> thank you for that. we have been told the repairs have been made in the games are good to go. right now abc 7 news at 6:00 with breaking news in the district. captioned by the national captioning institute this is abc seven breaking news. >> the breaking news is from southeast washington. an eight-year-old girl is in surgery after being hit i a stray bullet. >> the grandmother said she was walking near valley avenue when she was shot. richard is live at the scene with an update. this is certainly a sad and
5:59 pm
shocking story. the members have identified the eight-year-old girl. she is now in critical condition. the police are here. detectives have been fact gathering. about three clock afternoon there were a report of shots fired in the apartment. he say that she was walking outside. she was shot in the shoulder. she was just out walking from one building to another. the girls grandmother is incensed about the gunfire. there were kids outside. there's the sound of gunshots. the child was shot. not know who the shooter was are what type of gun was used to strike the child. police are indicating there
6:00 pm
are likely several other people outside. to onlyntedly referred one shooter. they have no description of this person. they are desperately seeking any kind of information. meanwhile, the little girl is in critical condition. >> thank you so much. bring us up-to-date as the evening goes on. we continue to follow breaking news the inner loop of the beltway. chopper seven is over the scene of a major crash. there are nine victims of this crash. no word on the conditions right now. .his is affecting traffic vehicles are backed up for about four miles. emergency crews are on the scene. police are investigating the cause of this accident. yes, we are on storm watch again. we're expecting yet another round of winter weather in a few hours. >>


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